Minnie Mouse


Skir: Al et Clar – Shoes: Zalora – Top: Banada Republic – Necklace: JOE Fresh – Watch: TW Steel

Photos by Tenzin Tshewang or you can check out his Instagram

One of the fun things about blogging is always getting to meet new people. Often that just happens “virtually”, so it’s extra exciting when you finally get to meet those people in person. I have been engaging with Tenzin on Instagram for some time and aside from a short run in at my University, we had never actually hung out in person until this past week. As always, it was a bit nerve wracking working with a new photographer, but Tenzin was so cool and wearing such an epic outfit that it was just lots of fun.

I Miso You


T-Shirt: Zara – Shorts: The Zalora Label – Shoes: Aldo Rise X Ostwald Helgason

Sunglasses: D&G – Bag: Elizabeth & James – Watch: TW Steel

Lately I’ve been walking out the door dressed as a girly girl or basically looking like a boy. It’s always one of the two, nothing really in the middle. The outfit in today’s post was going to be worn with chucks, but then I figured I should wear at least one thing that looks feminine. CONTINUE READING!

Guide Of Love

Guide Of Love

Valentine’s Day has never really been my thing. Aside from cute cards written by my parents and another great excuse to OD on chocolate, I have never really been one to celebrate this holiday. However, for one reason or another, I’m getting pretty excited for this one. I have been seeing so many cute Valentine’s inspired mood boards online and perfectly selected department store windows, that I seem to be finding myself getting a little bit into this day of love. After all, why not celebrate something great? I know I’m going to relax, drink some good wine and eat LOTS of chocolate, obviously.


All Smiles


Leather Skirt: Motif Official – Top: Zara Woman – Shoes: Zalora

Bag: Halston Heritage (SALE) via PeachApp – Glasses: JOE Fresh

So I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Apparently taking pictures with Ivana makes me excited. There’s this weird fake grass putting green on the roof of my building, turns out it makes for some pretty colorful pictures!

The New Zalora


Big news, friends! Thailand’s virtual fashion world was taken to the next level this week with the launch of the “Thai Designers” section from Zalora Thailand. Basically, we can now shop the who’s who of Thai designers while seated in our silk bathrobes, waiting for our nails to dry and drinking a mimosa. Or more realistically, eating microwave popcorn, crying over Desperate Housewives, wearing probably no pants, but a really big Heineken graphic tee we got for free at the liquor store. Either way, it’s all good.

Rejecting the Wrap


For the past four year I have done an awful lot of complaining about school. To top it off, I’m a dreamer. So you can imagine that having convinced myself that I don’t really like going to class, I usually spend most of my time dreaming of what my life will be like once my degree is complete.

Hardly Working


Well friends, I have some pretty big news. I have returned to Bangkok to start my LAST trimester of university. In honor of my upcoming transiting from business student to business woman, I have decided to make my first post wearing business attire.

Shopping Mall Wake Up Call

One of the many things I love about Bangkok is the diversity. This city can be very “in your face” about a lot of things and the amazing assortment of people is one of them.

A+ PJ Shopping


Recently, I have grown to love online shopping. There’s nothing better than being able to buy stuff, sitting in your pajamas, eating Haagen-Daaz, getting ready for sometime next week when you’re planning on actually looking cute. It’s basically a perfect friday night.