salvatore ferragamo

Little Black Dress #2


Dress: The Kewl Shop – Purse: DVF (similar) – Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (sale!)

Glasses: JOE Fresh – Blazer: Zara – Scarf: Vintage

It’s time for Little Black Dress #2! In case you missed #1, you can catch it here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for getting tired of my clothes. For example, when I’m getting ready for a party I often find myself frantically sorting through my closet throwing one item after another onto my bed in some desperate attempt to find something that I want to wear. Far too often, my room looks like a tornado, my bed has disappeared under a mountain of dresses and I end up sitting on the couch with a (seriously large) glass of wine in my hand. Because really, sometimes getting dressed can be big time overwhelming.

Hardly Working


Well friends, I have some pretty big news. I have returned to Bangkok to start my LAST trimester of university. In honor of my upcoming transiting from business student to business woman, I have decided to make my first post wearing business attire.

The March of the Pants


This week I had the opportunity to be @Thailander on Twitter. Thailander is an account that gets passed on to a different individual each week, allowing people to learn about the country as well as search for answers to any questions they may have. Given that Thailander has a following of over 5000 people, I must admit I was quite nervous. Frankly, I get anxiety over a Facebook post to my friends, let alone a Tweet to thousands of strangers. But I committed to do it in hopes that it would increase my confidence and allow me to feel more comfortable with Twitter as a social media platform. After all, if I plan to be any kind of an influencer in fashion, I need to learn to take my own opinions seriously. I figured I should begin with learning to Tweet.