Centara Tropicana


You know you’re growing up a bit when you can spend 2 weeks traveling with your sister and not argue. It’s a serious accomplishment. I recently went on a holiday with Katie and we didn’t fight at all. The closest we got to an argument included some slightly heated bickering over whether or not a dessert we were eating included condensed milk in the ingredients. I think the conversation ended with the phrase, “You asked for my opinion and you got it. Now stop telling me I’m wrong!” It was then that I realized we really needed to change the subject.

Shasa Resort & Residences


The best part of Shasa Resort & Residences is that it leaves you absolutely disconnected from everything around you. This hotel is different from the typical beach resort, in the sense that there is no distinct beach. Although this may initially appear unappealing, it actually poses some unexpected benefits. In fact, it creates an exceptionally original holiday experience.

Holiday in the City


I said it once in Day and Night, and I’ll say it again: Bangkok is exhausting. The fact that it’s as hot as Mars doesn’t help much either. Regardless, weekend getaways are the thing that keeps me going. However, sometimes even a getaway can be tiring. For some reason, even a trip to the airport in this city can feel like a mission. I would go into detail about how many obstacles may arise between me and Suvarnabumi (airport), but I guess I can just leave that to your imagination. In Bangkok, we are used to the abnormal; last week I was walking to buy milk and saw a fully dressed monkey walking down the side walk as if it were a human. No owner in sight. It was an astounding moment; not because of the monkey, but because there was actually room to walk on the sidewalk. Life.