Little Black Dress #1


Dress: The Kewl Shop – Kimono Top: Gentle Fawn (on sale!) – Sunglasses: D&G

Hat & Sandals: Platinum Fashion Mall

Today is my first Monday waking up as my own boss. This past Friday marked my last day at Centara Hotels & Resorts. Time flew by and I did not realize how sad I would be to see it come to an end. Not only did I learn so much about what it means to work within a large company, but I also made all sorts of amazing new friends. Sitting in a room with a group of people, 10 hours a day 5 days a week, brought me closer to my coworkers than I ever imagined. So much Centara friends love is going on! Having said that, it will be nice to distance myself from the endless supply of Jelly Bellys and other snacks that are of large supply in the marketing department.

New Year, New…Kimono?


When I think of New Years, I think of my family getting silly and singing too loudly to Beyonce. Because I live so far away and am only home for the holidays, New Years is typically spent with them. But don’t get me wrong, much to my dad’s confusion (last year’s excessively large/blinged out necklace), what I wear is still very important.


Shasa Resort & Residences


The best part of Shasa Resort & Residences is that it leaves you absolutely disconnected from everything around you. This hotel is different from the typical beach resort, in the sense that there is no distinct beach. Although this may initially appear unappealing, it actually poses some unexpected benefits. In fact, it creates an exceptionally original holiday experience.

The Rayavadee


So I literally found the most beautifully located hotel in the world: The Rayavadee. By “the world” I mean that I’ve ever been to. But still, it’s a big deal. The weirdest part is that when I found it, I had a totally unanticipated emotion. Yes, I was over the moon that such a special place exists. However, there was a part of me that was convinced that no one should be allowed to own such a place. The fact that the Rayavadee is located on this triangular plot of land, that has access to three beaches on each of it’s three sides is virtually unheard of in the world. I seems to me that this odd geometric shape of jungle and sand should really some form of national park. It’s rare. It’s pure heaven. It needs to be preserved.

Holiday in the City


I said it once in Day and Night, and I’ll say it again: Bangkok is exhausting. The fact that it’s as hot as Mars doesn’t help much either. Regardless, weekend getaways are the thing that keeps me going. However, sometimes even a getaway can be tiring. For some reason, even a trip to the airport in this city can feel like a mission. I would go into detail about how many obstacles may arise between me and Suvarnabumi (airport), but I guess I can just leave that to your imagination. In Bangkok, we are used to the abnormal; last week I was walking to buy milk and saw a fully dressed monkey walking down the side walk as if it were a human. No owner in sight. It was an astounding moment; not because of the monkey, but because there was actually room to walk on the sidewalk. Life.

Taste of Thailand

DSC_0324 copy

When I’m not obsessing over what I’m going to wear, I’m either complaining about school or shoving my face full of food. I know you’re all aware of my interest in fashion and no one wants to hear me complain about school. Therefore, I have decided to talk about my other interest. Food. Lots and lots of food.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thought that pops into my head usually involves what I’m going to eat. Typically, getting up is much easier when I have something good for breakfast. That also works if I have something new to wear. Long story short, I live for clothes and food.

Songkran Essentials

Let’s talk about Songkran. It’s a pretty hot topic right now given that it has officially arrived! If you’ve never been to Thailand and don’t know what it is, I’d suggest you google it now.

When it comes to the Thai New Year, I think it’s pretty awesome. In fact, it just might be my favorite holiday. Therefore, I find it very surprising when I come across people who aren’t feeling the Songkran love.

If you’re one of those people, I hope this post changes your mind. If not, at least my Songkran essentials will allow you to survive the upcoming week in some form of comfort (and style, obviously).


All I want to do is wear a Kaftan.

I wish I could look through the webcam right now to see how many people are shaking their head. After all, who do I think I am? A relative of Roberto Cavalli?

I know, the Kaftan doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s generally left waiting in the store for that perfectly fake looking milf to swoop by and pick it off the rack. She needs it for her yacht weekend in St. Bart’s with all her girlfriends – of course.