Party Dressing


Dress: Tuulla – Shoes: Ostwald Helgason X Aldo Rise

Clutch: Halston Heritage – Blazer: Giordano/Ladies

I’m going to keep this post really short because my family is visiting and we are busy having fun! It is so great to be able to enjoy Thailand with them. We will be in Cambodia in a few days and I’m quite excited to explore some temples (for the second time around).

Mandalay, Myanmar

DSC_0161This post is filled with random thoughts and snapshots of our days in Mandalay. The experience was more than magic and once again, I am lacking the ability to describe it. But here are a few little stories, with relevant photos below each portion of text. Enjoy!

Second Star to the Right


If you’re looking for somewhere you can rock your Star Trek costume and not look out of place, look no further than the new Central Embassy. The place is unsurmountably spaceship-ey. Literally. Stepping off the skywalk from Central Chitlom and stepping into Central Embassy is like stepping onto the Enterprise from the mini ship that took you there. Yes, I do know the name of all the Starfleet starship vessels.

My Day As a Dragqueen


Have you ever wondered how to prepare yourself for dressing up as a dragqueen? No? Ok, whatever. I’ll admit that I hadn’t either, up until the other day. However, as the moment approached for my official transformation, I began to get a little stressed out. To calm myself, I asked Pan Pan if he needed me to do/bring anything. After all, preparation always makes things easier, right? In response I got, “Bi**h, shave your armpits, legs and face”.

……But I don’t need to shave my face? I was way out of my league.