Love is Life


Dress: DVF – Bomber Jacket: UNIQLO – Purse: Calvin Klein

Necklace: Thai Hilltribe Market – Watch: TW Steel – Shoes: Zara

“Love Is Life” is what Diane Von Furstenberg signed in her book “The Journey of Dress” when I had the opportunity to meet her last night. She was definitely right – last night I was loving life!

It was an exciting evening for me to be able to attend the opening of DVF boutique at the new Emquartier mall, as well as getting to see the first ever full DVF fashion show in Thailand, in which Diane herself attended.

I knew I was going to see the show as I was invited by The Equinox Fashion, but I had no idea that the founder would attend until I saw her appear on the @VogueThailand instagram eating dinner the night before. From that point on, I hoped I would get to meet her! And I did!!!

Up until last night, the only fashion shows I had ever attended were all local brands. Although they are all amazing, it was very special for me to get to see my first international brand show. You know Bangkok is making it big when you can see the full DVF show without flying to New York! I’m very proud of this city and the moves it is making in the fashion industry. I almost cried when Diane was on the runway talking about how her brand looks so wonderful on Thai women, which is true – all the local celebs/fashion ladies were looking so fab in their wrap dresses.

Instead of a wrap dress I wore a slightly younger DVF silk shirt dress. We all know I love silk! I even received some serious elevator eyes from Diana as she assessed how I styled a piece from her brand.

Diana Von Furstenberg was kind and her smile was so warm. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to meet such an inspiring and fashionable business woman. I woke up this morning feeling motivated and ready to work even harder to make my dreams happen. I am constantly amazing by the wonderful experiences that I have had through A Piece of Elise and like always, I want to thank you all for sharing these adventures with me.


DSC_2463 DSC_2466 11253869_10153197711723820_819557564_n 11119573_10153197711618820_642030133_n 11291759_10153197711573820_56522137_n 11268981_10153197711523820_1843454033_n 11263759_10153197711508820_1506982893_n DSC_2468


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