Party Dressing


Dress: Tuulla – Shoes: Ostwald Helgason X Aldo Rise

Clutch: Halston Heritage – Blazer: Giordano/Ladies

I’m going to keep this post really short because my family is visiting and we are busy having fun! It is so great to be able to enjoy Thailand with them. We will be in Cambodia in a few days and I’m quite excited to explore some temples (for the second time around).

Given that many of you live in cities, either Bangkok or abroad, I am sure you know what it feels like to have an endless stream of events to attend. The more the people, the more there is going on and the more party outfits you need to have. For this reason, I have teamed up with Tuulla from Singapore to share with you some of their great party dresses. Because they’re based just next door, we can order online with minimal import tariffs. Singapore is probably my favorite country to online shop from because outside Southeast Asia means duties of like 40%!

Anyways, I hope you like this dress as much as I do. It actually comes in 2 pieces so you can mix and match the top/skirt too. Perfection! It’s currently sold out, but coming back in black really soon. Stay tuned for the next party dress that will be coming your way ASAP.

Photos by Courtney Bentley


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