Getting Juicy


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This past week I did my very first juice cleanse with Lifestyle Juicery. It was quite the experience! I am obsessed with eating and even more obsessed with coffee and wine, so this endeavor was quite a challenge. However, I ended up feeling pretty great after it was over and am still feeling the effects a few days later. I am also quite proud because I managed to do it without cheating at all!

Leading up the cleanse I tried to prepare myself a bit. Mostly, I cut down on coffee, but I don’t think I did it quite well enough because day 1-3 of the cleanse were quite the system shock. If you are looking to do a juice cleanse, save yourself some pain by preparing well.

As mentioned above, day 1-3 were quite difficult for me, but it wasn’t because I was hungry. Given that I had a large size juice to drink every 2 hours, my tummy was actually pretty happy. However, it was the headaches and lack of energy that almost did me in. I was very grumpy from caffeine withdrawals, so I mostly hid in my room during that time.

By day 4, I was semi alive again and by day 6 I was feeling pretty much normal, aside from the lack of ability to do vigorous physical activity. During the 6 days of drinking juice, I experienced no bloating or stomach aches. I am very used to having some kind of digestive issues, so I can see how people could get addicted to juicing!

It was after the cleanse ended that things actually got really awesome. Throughout the 6 days of juice, I felt a little bit like my body was missing some things that it needed. I am quite an active person and was not able to be that way while only drinking juice. I managed to do yoga, but running simply wasn’t an option. Once the 6 days ended and I could slowly add foods back into my diet, I realized just how good I felt!

I am currently on the third day since finishing my cleanse and I am still feeling less bloating, less urges to eat when I’m not hungry and more balanced energy levels. I think that for me, the most beneficial part of the juice cleanse was that it forced me to break bad habits that I have around eating, such as mindless snacking and cravings for sugar. I didn’t even want a glass of wine with dinner anymore! Now let’s just see how long it lasts before my bad habits are back.

If you are interested in a cleanse, I would recommend Lifestyle Juicery because they deliver straight to your door and have the most delicious Coconut Water and Cinnamon. It’s all I ever want to drink.

If you do one, please let me know how it goes! Don’t forget to hold out to the end and see how you feel.

You can check out my on the go juicing moments on Instagram at #APOEgetJuicy!


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