Bangkok Tree House


During hot season my Bangkok adventures tend to involve air-conditioned Uber rides out of my soi to Central Embassy, where I will spend the day in Rocket Coffee Bar working on something, followed by the evening drinking wine on the patio of Water Library. All in the comforts of aircon. Yes, the Water Library patio has some pretty fancy cooling mechanisms on the patio. Basically, I’m super lazy.

However, a few days ago my friend Ivana and I managed to get ourselves all the way out to Bang Na (YES! Bang Na) and hire a little boat to take us across the river to Bangkrachaew (Bangkok’s Green Lung). It is literally 45 seconds in a boat, but it brings you to another world entirely.

Apparently, the area is reserved “green” land to offset the carbon footprint created by the city, but my impression of the region is that it somehow just didn’t get developed. Whatever the case, it is a magical forest in the middle of the Bangkok!

Upon arrival at Bangkok Tree House, Ivana and I quickly realized we were pretty out of our element. Well, Ivana was fine, but I looked like an idiot. The hotel’s dock was under construction, so there I was struggling to get my giant luggage out of a little old man’s mini long tail boat, onto a hole filled docked that would not stop rocking. I was about 2 inches from being submersed in the Chao Phraya wearing a DKNY silk midi skirt. It was a very laughable situation.

Docking complete, we were pleased to find ourselves greeted by the most adorable girl, caught up in the middle of some very cool treehouse style architecture. Although each hotel segment isn’t actually attached to any trees, it is elevated on stilts and surrounded by trees, which still makes it a treehouse, right?

I have literally never seen so much green in the city. Bangkok Tree House has pretty much covered every inch of wall with plants and where there are no plants, there are giant mirrors that reflect off another walls plants. It’s almost like a nature inspired fun maze!

Our room was a 3 story, Ant themed (Yup!) tree house in itself. The bottom floor, still up off the ground, comprised of the bathroom, large outdoor shower and closet area. This is where fresh coconuts welcome drinks await! The second floor is the bedroom, with sliding doors opening to a balcony. From the second floor balcony, you climb a ladder up to the rooftop, where you have your open private lounge bed with panoramic views of the area (and other room’s lounge beds). This is where we drank an entire bottle of sparkling wine, watched the sun go down and devised plans to take over the world. Seriously.

Aside from a few ant incidents, it was the ant themed room after all, we had a very good sleep. I honestly wasn’t expecting to sleep well, something about the idea of a treehouse had me thinking I would be up all night, but in the end I slept like a baby. Yipee!

I am ashamed to admit that the only downside to staying at Bangkok Tree House is that it is just so cool you won’t want to explore the rest of Bangkrachaew. Ivana and I literally never left the hotel once we got there, partly because it was so hot and partly because Bangkok Tree House is just too fun to hang out at!

Thanks for having us, Bangkok Tree House!

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  1. Anna took me here before and I died! I loved it so much and I should go back like once a month to get out of this city but never have I returned but after I saw this post I started looking to see when I could spend the day watching the sunset with some champs 😉 love your outfit!! xo C

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