Little Black Dress #2


Dress: The Kewl Shop – Purse: DVF (similar) – Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (sale!)

Glasses: JOE Fresh – Blazer: Zara – Scarf: Vintage

It’s time for Little Black Dress #2! In case you missed #1, you can catch it here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for getting tired of my clothes. For example, when I’m getting ready for a party I often find myself frantically sorting through my closet throwing one item after another onto my bed in some desperate attempt to find something that I want to wear. Far too often, my room looks like a tornado, my bed has disappeared under a mountain of dresses and I end up sitting on the couch with a (seriously large) glass of wine in my hand. Because really, sometimes getting dressed can be big time overwhelming.

Having said that, a little black dress is great for getting you out of those sticky situations. I know this is something you’ve all heard before, but that’s because it’s true; if you get the perfect black dress that can transitioned from one place to another, you will be good to go for at least a few great days.

In #1 of this series I styled this dress for a relaxing afternoon at the beach, but this time I’ve styled it for work. Although it has a rather low neckline and probably not appropriate for all offices, I am officially self employed, so I can make my own rules and imma wear what I want! Therefore, I officially declare this outfit work appropriate. Please do not come to be if you get in trouble.

If you’re interested in getting your own little black dress, you can use the discount code APOE when you visit The Kewl Shop and get 15% off of your order!

DSC_0083DSC_0143DSC_0140DSC_0168.JPGDSC_0146.JPGDSC_0075-1 (dragged)DSC_0231.JPG


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