Mod Vibes


Clutch: Halson Heritage (sold out) via Peach9Min – Dress: Zara – Shoes: Ferragamo

For the last day of Fashion Week I felt like being a little bit fancy and this tunic dress was the perfect way to go. It has such a mod vibe to it! Not to mention the loose fit is perfect in the heat. Standing around outside waiting to enter the shows in March (slowly approaching the deadly April) was a pretty sweaty experience. I acquired a new obsession with Orangina to keep me cool outside in the sun – it tastes so fresh!

Photos by Pop Devahastin


DSC_0467 DSC_0457.JPG DSC_0476.JPG DSC_0474.JPG DSC_0465edited DSC_0482edit DSC_0458edit


    1. That’s what I go for! Thanks for the lovely compliment. The maj hat is a great idea. I was thinking something similar. Great mind think alike!!! Look out for a second post of this dress coming soon. I’m thinking a long sleep black turtle neck under the tunic and a wide brim hat? yay or nay?

      Love you! xE

      1. I’ve been wearing a hat all weekend! You would be proud! heehee
        Removing the strings – never though of that! Such a great idea. I will credit you if I do it! 😉

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