I Miso You


T-Shirt: Zara – Shorts: The Zalora Label – Shoes: Aldo Rise X Ostwald Helgason

Sunglasses: D&G – Bag: Elizabeth & James – Watch: TW Steel

Lately I’ve been walking out the door dressed as a girly girl or basically looking like a boy. It’s always one of the two, nothing really in the middle. The outfit in today’s post was going to be worn with chucks, but then I figured I should wear at least one thing that looks feminine.

I bought this “I Miso You” top with Kate on Valentine’s. We walked around wearing them together and it was all kinds of cute. We’re both in love with Japan so it seemed rather applicable.

I’ve been very into extremes in others aspect of my wardrobe too. I will either head out the door completely overdressed or basically wearing pajamas. However, I’m slowly leaning towards the direction of always wearing pajamas. Whenever I see those 8 year old kids rocking their flanel jammies at 3 pm I get a little jealous.

Anyways, I hope you like the post! Please let me know what you think about the Bermuda shorts. I used to be very into them as a young teenager, but haven’t worn them in years (until yesterday)…and now today I’m wearing a princess skirt. What is this life?


DSC_1225-1 (dragged) DSC_1180-1 (dragged) DSC_1242-1 (dragged) DSC_1256-1 (dragged) 1 DSC_1250-1 (dragged) DSC_1230-1 (dragged) DSC_1263-1 (dragged)


  1. i love the shorts – used to have a pair when i was younger but (stupidly) threw them out.
    Struggling to find a pair that flatter my little stumpy legs now haha x

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