Guide Of Love

Guide Of Love

Valentine’s Day has never really been my thing. Aside from cute cards written by my parents and another great excuse to OD on chocolate, I have never really been one to celebrate this holiday. However, for one reason or another, I’m getting pretty excited for this one. I have been seeing so many cute Valentine’s inspired mood boards online and perfectly selected department store windows, that I seem to be finding myself getting a little bit into this day of love. After all, why not celebrate something great? I know I’m going to relax, drink some good wine and eat LOTS of chocolate, obviously.

In regards to the outfit, I’m usually all about getting super into holiday dressing. Tacky? Whatever! However, given that I’m still a little bit on the fence about Valentine’s (questionable?), I’m thinking I will keep my outfit pretty simple.

The theme of this holiday is pink and red, but instead of going all out in a rose colored gown, I’m thinking about sticking to the neutrals of black & white, maybe a little pink, and then accessorizing without abandon in deep reds and blush tones. I figure it’s acknowledging the holiday, but still not looking like some love obsessed freak, but then again, it’s good to a bit of a weirdo.

Keeping that mind, I’ve teamed up with Zalora to curate a special selection of holiday items from their Valentine’s “Guide of Love”. Each piece is shop-able online and can still make it to you in time for February 14th.

I hope you like the pieces I chose. You can click the image for links to individual items. I would love to see how you style them, so please tag me if you order something (I also may have to borrow!).

All photos courtesy of Zalora via Polyvore.


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