Show Me Your Look!


Blazer: TopShop – Shoes: Charles & Keith (similar) – Jeans: J Brand – Clutch: FLYNOW III

So long as I am not having one of those days where I feel I have “nothing” to wear, putting together outfits is pretty much one of my favorite ways to spend the day. I also enjoy lying on my bed wearing PJ’s, imagining all the outfits I COULD wear if it’s wasn’t so damn hot out.

If you are like me and enjoy adorning your body with epic pieces of clothing, then keep reading because I’ve got something that you’re probably going to like.

I’ve teamed up with to let you know about their current “New Year New Look” contest. All you have to do is upload an outfit, get the most likes and then WIN $500 USD! Cha-ching.

Let’s get creative about what kind of look we want to rock, to start the year off right. I’m going for something that’s a little more daring (clearly) and I can’t wait to see what style you choose. We’re all winners as far as I’m concerned, but $500 USD isn’t something I would complain about either.

You can also have the chance to win $50 for simply liking or commenting on any of the other contest entries. The more likes/comments you give, the better your chance of winning! (Note: you must register for first.)

Please drop me a comment once you enter, so I can check out all your outfits too! I’m excited to see the expression of the lucky person who wins $500!!!

Click here to enter the “New Year New Look” contest on and to find all contest details.

I also wanna know, what do you guys think of my look? I shot these photos at 6:30 am outside my apartment, using a tripod and a remote that was given to me by my dad for Christmas. I officially have no shame. I spent a solid 30 minutes werking all sorts of poses completely alone, while an elderly man was doing his morning Thai Chi. YES.

10967630_10152983685993820_552660900_o 10958245_10152983686168820_500594688_o 10507150_10152983683868820_1861232774090818094_o 10960320_10152983683993820_8241199749933892665_o 10961041_10152983687668820_656724605_o 10967346_10152983686058820_915668685_o 1622363_10152983684203820_6171670232834079180_o 10951077_10152983687958820_1987662202_o 10982838_10152983683998820_1556423150358248982_o 10968998_10152983687328820_1604197869_o


  1. The blazer without anything beneath is really fucking daring.Wow. I salute you.
    I really like the look otherwise, it’d be office-ready with a top under the blazer too 😉

    I really like your outfits and post! Keep it up.

    1. Thanks! Yup, can’t move much or I’d flash someone! haha. Yup, perfect for the office…just a little too warm for Thai weather. I’m obsessed with menswear right now… I can’t stop wearing it! Thanks for the nice compliments once again. It means a lot you’re enjoying my posts! xoxo

    1. He was pretty shocked haha! Yes, this is the rooftop. I’ve been shooting up many times now. There are about 5 different rooftop terraces in the complex and a huge 360 degree bar area where you can make your own party! woohoo! You need to come back and check it out 🙂

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