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Writing about beauty or how to make yourself look “good” has never really been my thing. The whole idea of my blogging about makeup just feels a little bit too superficial, and frankly, that’s just not what A Piece Of Elise is about. In case you’re new to my blog, it’s mostly about having fun and being yourself and ultimately expressing that through your clothing. You will see that in most of my posts I’m sporting a giant smile because I love what I do and I definitely do not take fashion (or myself) too seriously. If you fall in love with something that looks absolutely ridiculous, it would make my day to see you wear it. I am not going to sit here and write about fashion rules or things that are most flattering for your body, because that’s just not how I see it. Having said that, I am completely obsessed with bold lipstick, I think it’s a great way to make an outfit that much more fun.

Keeping this is mind, today I am writing about my daily beauty routine. I know that goes against everything I just said, but whether I’m proud of it or not, there are several products I use daily to keep my skin and hair looking just how I want them to. Since I started blogging I have been given various products for trials and testing and many of them have ended up in my daily routine. When putting this post together I realized just how big this lineup of things has grown. Scary.

In regards to products, I think that focusing on care instead of makeup is a great way to really feel comfortable just the way you are. Therefore, today is all about washing your face, brushing your teeth and keeping your hair a nice shade of ash blonde. If all those are taken care of, you really don’t need makeup! …except maybe that coral lipstick I mentioned earlier.

So here it goes:

1. Clarisonic



This bathroom gadget is really scary to look at and will probably freak you out a bit at first, but trust me, it will change your life forever. Basically, it is a giant electric toothbrush for your face. However, it doesn’t twist, scrape or spin. Instead it does this “thing” called Sonic vibrations. Honestly, I’m not really sure what that means, but if you watch the CEO demonstrate it on a stretched out piece of pantyhose, you will see that it doesn’t even cause a snag. Point being, it’s extremely gentle and pretty much impossible to aggravate your face.

Clarisonic technology was a total innovation when created and has around 40 patents currently protecting it. Therefore, you probably don’t want to buy an alternative, even though most big beauty brands have their own version of it. Clarisonic is the only one that functions in the effective yet gentle manner.

When it comes to washing your face, there is so much annoying BS out there in regards to products. At the end of the day, if you go to a doctor who is nice enough to refer you to a dermatologist, they’re probably going to say wash your face with soap and then leave it alone. It’s pretty simple. In regards to the soap used: scent free, color free and effectively “soap free” if you have dry skin. Unless your face is physically peeling, they won’t even tell you to use lotion.

Having said that, by continuing to read you will see that I load up on lotions and products, much to my doctor mother’s dismay. HA. I’m obsessed. Anyways, the reason I’m saying this is that using a Clarisonic will clean your face completely using the plainest of soap (I use Spectro Gel –  recommended by almost every Dermatologist). By gently exfoliant and removing dirt from your pores, Clarisonic will clean your face better than any other product, without the addition of oils, scents, chemicals etc. that are unnecessary and just destroy the protective skin barrier your body naturally creates.

2. Sonicare (photo at top)

Yes, this is made by the same company as Clarisonic and yes, it is also patented technology. Don’t buy a fake. The first time you brush with a Sonicare, it will really scare you. By day three, you will never use another toothbrush again. I’m not going to go into much detail, but this will take your oral hygiene to the next level and once you get a truly clean mouth, you will realize just how dirty yours used to be. 😉

3. Purple Hair Products


I am a blonde, I want to be as ash as possible. I’ve used countless of the “silver” products to keep my hair the right tone. These two are the best ones I’ve found. The Matrix “So Silver” is by far the best toning shampoo out of about 10 that I’ve tried. The Compagnia Del Colore “Silver” Hair Mask (via Zen Red Salon) is the second and has the added bonus of being wonderfully nourishing. I use these products twice a week and would not suggest using them any more as the toners are chemically based.

4. Cream/Masks/Toners/Lotions

I use a bunch of these. Part of me really doubts that they do anything, especially since most of the science says they don’t. However, I am addicted and they make me feel better so whatever. Here are the products that I use and love, even though I know I probably shouldn’t.

– Biotherm Multi Recharge Yeux

KIEHL’S Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate


– Clinique Clarifying Toner

– Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


– Alpha – H Liquid Gold (Note: This is an acid peel and definitely improves skin texture after 1 use) via Luxola

HARNN Water Lily Rice and Clay Facial Mask



  1. Totally love my Clarisonic Mia it’s my favorite device ever! I most recently bought the opal for my undereye area and its similar but helps penetrate the eye serums into the area and I love it so much and have seen results from it! Thanks for sharing xo c

  2. I didn’t know that you put all those other potions on your face…
    You forgot about sunscreen, the most important one!

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