All Smiles


Leather Skirt: Motif Official – Top: Zara Woman – Shoes: Zalora

Bag: Halston Heritage (SALE) via PeachApp – Glasses: JOE Fresh

So I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Apparently taking pictures with Ivana makes me excited. There’s this weird fake grass putting green on the roof of my building, turns out it makes for some pretty colorful pictures!

This is my first time wearing Aviators and I gotta say I love them. The white faux leather skirt is from Motif Official, an awesome dot com with an in-house brand, as well as a curated collection of cool Thai designers.

I’ve had this top forever and have worn it so often it is pretty much worn out. It’s basically my go-to “fat top” when I need something flowing because I am planning on overdosing on chocolate. Or cake. Or cheese. The usual.

I have been fortunate enough to walk to and from work each morning in the low 20 degree temperatures. Talk about heaven! I hope it lasts forever, but I know it will only be a few more weeks before Bangkok is back to living on Mars. Wait, is Mars hot or cold? Anyways, all the street vendors along the way have become my friends and they high five me each morning.

Tomorrow is Friday and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Photos by Ivana Kojic

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