Gentle Fawn


So my baby sister (squirt) agreed to take these photos in exchange for help with her high school homework. It has been a mere 10 days since I finished University, yet somehow here I was again, trying to get my brain to wake up enough to work on an english essay. In the end, she only got a 10 out of 12 on the work I used my bachelor degree skills to help her complete. I blame the fact that I have been 5 years in Thailand, where english goes something along the lines of, “where you go?” But I must admit, I think it was worth it, because clearly my sister has some photo skills.

We took these photos in a small town named Sidney, about 10 minutes from my house. This pier is right next to my mom’s doctors office, where she runs a pretty good business, given that the entire town is people over the age of 80. Literally. They have scooter parking where one would normally find car spots. Anyways, they were all out for an evening walk at the pier, where I was posing in heels and sheers pants, adding a little bit of drama to their day. The looks I got were of utter confusion, given it was freezing cold.

Both my two sisters and I have completely fallen in love with the Harvest Sweater from Gentle Fawn (currently on sale!). I’m going to have to keep an eye on it, to make sure it doesn’t “accidentally” end up in their closets when I head back to Thailand. I am pretty sure it’s going to look super cute over top of a bikini. Yay!

I’m currently on a ski holiday in Whistler with the family. You can check out my Instagram and Facebook for picture updates.


Sweater: Gentle Fawn – Blouse: Joe Fresh – Trousers: Thrifted

Shoes: ASAVA – Bag: Halston Heritage via Peach App – Glasses: Ray-Bans


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