Month: December 2014

Paddington Bear


I posted a picture of this outfit on Instagram yesterday and one of my super cool followers said I looked like Paddington Bear! Best. Comment. Ever. I had completely forgotten about him, but the jacket, hat and backpack combo kinda brought him back to life (except he had a suitcase). Either way, he’s a special little dude.



So we all know I like to giggle, but get me twirling in a princess skirt and the giggling gets a little ridiculous. I couldn’t stop spinning! At one point I almost fell over because I was so dizzy and the young boys working in the Brentwood Lodge found it pretty darn hilarious. If there’s one thing I have acquired since creating A Piece Of Elise, it’s having no shame for getting good photos.


New Year, New…Kimono?


When I think of New Years, I think of my family getting silly and singing too loudly to Beyonce. Because I live so far away and am only home for the holidays, New Years is typically spent with them. But don’t get me wrong, much to my dad’s confusion (last year’s excessively large/blinged out necklace), what I wear is still very important.


Happy Holidays!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Although I’m not really into decorating, baking or making my whole life look Pinterest-y like all those other bloggers, I do love eating, drinking and hanging out with family. Therefore, Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year – I just don’t like putting in all the work. You bake the cookies, I eat them. However, I will admit that I’m willing to make the runs to the liquor store. I have been filling up on great BC Cider since I’ve been home because you can’t find that in Bangkok!

Gentle Fawn


So my baby sister (squirt) agreed to take these photos in exchange for help with her high school homework. It has been a mere 10 days since I finished University, yet somehow here I was again, trying to get my brain to wake up enough to work on an english essay. In the end, she only got a 10 out of 12 on the work I used my bachelor degree skills to help her complete. I blame the fact that I have been 5 years in Thailand, where english goes something along the lines of, “where you go?” But I must admit, I think it was worth it, because clearly my sister has some photo skills.

Elephants Attack


It took me several trips to Khao Yai to officially get charged at by a wild elephant. It was AWESOME. It was dark and we drove up beside her on the road, I rolled down my window and was half hanging out to get as close a picture as possible. We were about 10 feet away and right as I pushed the button to take the photo, she decided to run at our car. I gotta say, I didn’t know elephants could move so fast, it was like superhuman speed. Not to mention she stuck her trunk straight out in front of her as if she wanted to puncture our truck with it. Our encounter ended with me screaming and Paul flooring the gas as we swerved to the right, as not to actually come into contact with her trunk/weapon and thus escaping to safety. About 400 meters later, we encountered a park ranger who told us this specific herd likes to attack cars. Can you imagine being the size of an elephant and actually feeling as if you were powerful enough to attack gigantic pieces of metal? Now THAT is a boss notion.

The Golden Hour


This is my first Canadian winter post! Just a warning, there’s kind of a lot going on in these photos.

When it comes to jewelry, I’m pretty into those staple items you can wear day in and day out. If it’s something you’re going to wear all the time, it needs to be simple and high quality. A plain bangle looks good with everything and if it’s a quality metal it won’t stain or tarnish. The bracelet in these photos is from Xcusor and made with silver. It also comes in gold and bronze. To top it off, Xcusor is handmade in Germany and in today’s world of fast fashion, something made by hand is always a treasure. If you order before the 18th, you can still get it in time for Christmas and I’d say it makes for a pretty perfect gift! You can expect to see this piece on my wrist in all my photos from now on, because I’ve added it to my daily jewelry routine.

Mandalay, Myanmar

DSC_0161This post is filled with random thoughts and snapshots of our days in Mandalay. The experience was more than magic and once again, I am lacking the ability to describe it. But here are a few little stories, with relevant photos below each portion of text. Enjoy!

There’s Nowhere Like Home


Well friends, I am officially done University! Last night I arrived home to my parents house in Canada for the holidays – so happy to be here.

Although I still have an internship in Bangkok come January, the end of school marks a new beginning for myself, as well as A Piece of Elise. Although I am unsure as to what that means, you can expect more frequent posts from me…whether you like it or not.

The New Zalora


Big news, friends! Thailand’s virtual fashion world was taken to the next level this week with the launch of the “Thai Designers” section from Zalora Thailand. Basically, we can now shop the who’s who of Thai designers while seated in our silk bathrobes, waiting for our nails to dry and drinking a mimosa. Or more realistically, eating microwave popcorn, crying over Desperate Housewives, wearing probably no pants, but a really big Heineken graphic tee we got for free at the liquor store. Either way, it’s all good.