It’s All About the Basics


As a student I really need to keep an eye on my shopping budget. If you know me at all, you will know that this definitely is not easy. Basically, everything I see I need to have and once I have it, I get bored within 2 weeks. Some might call it a problem, I call it Elise.

I have tried to quit shopping, like smokers try to stop cigarettes. Generally, I last about 14 days, then I go through a withdrawal period, which ultimately ends in a relapse that results in a seriously large shopping spree.

In an attempt to cope with myself, I have been trying to buy things that I don’t get bored of quite as quickly. I have developed a theory that I shop less when I don’t feel as if I have “nothing” to wear. Therefore, I have been trying to cut down on the trend items, instead buying lots of staples that I can wear over and over again. For instance, the blazer in this post was worn in my very first post on “A Piece of Elise” and I’m still not tired of it; it’s simple, it’s black, I continue to love it. These are thing I need to buy more of. This is what is necessary when you are a student.

Having said all that, I’m currently in the process of buying something BIG as a graduation gift to myself. Get ready. It’s going to be good.

I have also recently developed a coping mechanism for my addiction, it involves buying things for others. I tell myself this is OK because it isn’t for me, buying presents for people is a nice thing to do. But like really, this doesn’t help the money issue.

Before I go, I would like to say that I am extremely grateful to Jovo and Ivana for these wonderful coffee shop photos, which perfectly depict how I love to waste my days: a latte and a book. Hit them up on Stocksy for some images that will blow your mind.

I would also like to point out that these photos were taken at Porcupine Cafe in Ari. It’s a great concept space for the urban go-getter who likes to work on their laptop – like me! Oh, and the decor is epic and created mostly in-house by the owner.

10717527_713083462117741_783276897_n 10721393_713083475451073_120757158_n 10723312_713083465451074_1716779384_n 10736045_713083445451076_686722040_n 10723407_713083458784408_1423698239_n 10726258_713083455451075_1456221878_n 10736043_713083448784409_1162114351_n 10723064_713083492117738_233302808_n 10726419_713083472117740_1004599881_n 10728729_713083452117742_959131335_n

T-Shirt: GAP – Blazer: Giordano/Ladies – Trousers: Banana Republic

Watch: TW Steel – Glasses: Ray-Bans – Shoes: Converse

Photos by: Jovo Jovanovic and Ivana Kojic


  1. So true! I was really good about buying high end basic pieces that fit well and were staples but ever since I moved here it has been difficult not to fall into the trends! Love these photos so chic and effortless!! All my love C

  2. I love your thoughts on saving money! I have to agree that buying basics really does help! But having done the capsule wardrobe challenge it’s also made me miss throw away fashion! I think like you I just love mixing everything up a lot! But great basics always help though! Jess

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