If you’ve been following A Piece of Elise for awhile, you will know that when I get really obsessed with something, I do a whole post about it. Well, it has happened again and frankly, I’m not sorry. This is great and I am excited to share it with you. 

My obsession with the brand Lunnapadar started when I met they’re absolutely adorable founder and designer, Lhiin. As the business obsessed and overbearing person that I am, I quickly began drilling her regarding her marketing strategies. What she explained to me was that Lunnapadar was to differentiate itself upon having the highest quality items, with the most perfect fit possible and that this would be their competitive advantage.

In Bangkok, there is clothing everywhere. Markets line the streets, air-conditioned shopping malls boast dirt cheap fashion that, if you’re small enough to fit asian sizes, you can buy without thought and may only wear once. This city has literally taken the “fast fashion” phenomenon and brought it to a whole new level and I along with everyone else, have gotten myself completely caught up in it.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought something that I said I would keep forever, let alone made well enough to actually last more than 2 months. But it didn’t really bother me, I could just buy a whole new outfit on the weekend for a totally of 800 baht in Platinum, so who cares right? Well, this past week I learned that it’s easy to be happy with something when you don’t know what you’re missing out on. It just so turns out, that having high quality clothes, which are made with care, was the way better option.

That was when I found high quality, tailor-made brand, Lunnapadar. The moment I stepped into clothes that were handmade by talented seamstresses, with measurements that were exactly to size and fabrics that would last a lifetime, all those days of shopping at Platinum suddenly seemed so silly. That super chic, 5 perfect pieces per season “French Girl” wardrobe that people always talk about suddenly seemed possible.

This brand showed me that with the right pieces of clothing, made perfectly to fit, can completely change the relationship I have with what I’m wearing. When I put on a piece from Lunnapadar, I know it’s something that has been thought about and cared for, which makes me love what I’m wearing so much more.

So thank you, Lunnapadar, for putting the love back into fashion.

I would also like to thank Houda from Azalia Photographs, for taking the time to hang out with me and shoot these amazing outfit photos. I love how they have such a dreamy quality about them!

Oh and one more thing, I want to point out the super special handmade lacquer clutch you will see in this post. I got it in Myanmar and am absolutely in love! Nothing beats those special travel pieces that have so many wonderful memories attached to them.

eIMG_1473 eIMG_1289 eIMG_1431 eIMG_1370 eIMG_1302 eIMG_1395 eIMG_1366 eIMG_1417 eIMG_1312 eIMG_1367 eIMG_1328


Top & Trousers: Lunnapadar – Blazer: Giordano Ladies – Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Watch – TW Steel – Clutch: Myanmar – Pearls: Koh Chang

Photos by: Houda Azalia


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