Rejecting the Wrap


For the past four year I have done an awful lot of complaining about school. To top it off, I’m a dreamer. So you can imagine that having convinced myself that I don’t really like going to class, I usually spend most of my time dreaming of what my life will be like once my degree is complete.

Well, jokes on me, because now that’s it’s over, I have realized how much I enjoy it. If there were a class on enjoying what you have while you have it, I would fail.

Having said that, as part of my graduation celebration (starting around the beginning of my last term, obviously) I decided I was going to treat myself to a DVF wrap dress. Having been such an iconic item for decades, I figured it would be the perfect way to celebrate my growth from student to real life working adult.

Well, jokes on me again. As I went into the store, totally ready to do the deed and buy the dress, I began to have second thoughts. I was looking to buy this piece of clothing that is worn by albeit “milfy”, yet middle aged women. Here I was, fresh out of college, thinking I should should line up for the dress that is figure flattering once you’ve had a few babies. Luckily, that phase ended quick.

Instead, I came away from DVF that day with a cute, blue silk shirt dress. I’d say it’s much more age appropriate. It’s a little too short to wear for work, but at least I still have the majority of my twenties to skip around and be young while wearing it.

In the meantime, I’ll save my bahts for a wrap dress on my 35th birthday.

73 76a 80-horz 75 77 74

Dress: DVF – Shoes: Zalora – Watch: TW Steel – Purse: Ralph Lauren – Glasses: Ray-Bans

Photos by: Violetta Egorova


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