A Need For Tweed


I’ve mentioned if before and I’m saying it again. When it comes to clothes, I tend to go through various phases. One week, I love satin and the next, it’s denim. My interests are constantly changing and evolving. Lately, I have been obsessing over tweed. Last night I dreamed I was wearing a pink Chanel tweed jackets to this weekend’s Elle Fashion Week. Literally.

With the being said, I would like to introduce you to these seriously stylish drawstring tweed shorts. When I saw them on Nun Bangkok’s online shop, I knew I had to have them. The classic tweed mixed with the trendy mesh is the perfect compilation for feeling casual, while still making a statement. Add in this simple bow tie blouse and you have yourself an outfit that’s appropriate pretty much anywhere.

In the meantime, I’m going to save my pennies for the tweed jacket of my dreams. Perhaps with matching shorts. Yes, a pink tweed short suit is exactly what I need.

DSC_0360-2 DSC_0441-2 DSC_0426 DSC_0412-2 DSC_0431-2 DSC_0372-2 DSC_0369

Shorts: Nun Bangkok – Top: Pomelo – Watch: TW Steel

Bag: Ralph Lauren – Sandals: Sam Edelman via Villains SF

Photos by: Anna K


  1. So I have decided we are creating a Gofundme.com campaign + I will be the first to contribute towards your tweed jacket 😉
    Love this outfit, those shorts have me lusting for a golden tan and short shorts like these!
    Great styling 😉
    xo C

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