Month: October 2014



If you’ve been following A Piece of Elise for awhile, you will know that when I get really obsessed with something, I do a whole post about it. Well, it has happened again and frankly, I’m not sorry. This is great and I am excited to share it with you. 

Rejecting the Wrap


For the past four year I have done an awful lot of complaining about school. To top it off, I’m a dreamer. So you can imagine that having convinced myself that I don’t really like going to class, I usually spend most of my time dreaming of what my life will be like once my degree is complete.

A Need For Tweed


I’ve mentioned if before and I’m saying it again. When it comes to clothes, I tend to go through various phases. One week, I love satin and the next, it’s denim. My interests are constantly changing and evolving. Lately, I have been obsessing over tweed. Last night I dreamed I was wearing a pink Chanel tweed jackets to this weekend’s Elle Fashion Week. Literally.

Courtney: The Life Coach


So we’ve all heard Beyonce declare that her aspiration in life is “to be happy”. I’m kind of the same way, I’m obsessed with being happy. This obsession probably stems from the fact that happiness has been one of the biggest struggles of my life and is something that I’m still working on today. I want it so badly, but have yet to figure out how exactly to get there.