Hardly Working


Well friends, I have some pretty big news. I have returned to Bangkok to start my LAST trimester of university. In honor of my upcoming transiting from business student to business woman, I have decided to make my first post wearing business attire.

For this outfit, I chose some great pieces from EZRA by Zalora. What’s great about this outfit is that it can be appropriate in pretty much any business situation. By adding the necklace, it could be great for after work cocktails. WIthout the necklace, it’s perfect for a lunch meeting. To top it off, the skirt is just short enough you’re not dying of Thai heat, but long enough that you can dance around without flashing anything embarrassing. I’d say it covers most situations that might arise during a typical Bangkok work day.

Oh, I need to point out the shoes. Aside from work situations, ANY situation goes well with Ferragamo Varinas. They are my princess shoes.

DSC_0236-2 DSC_0246-2 DSC_0229-2 DSC_0152-2 DSC_0215-2 DSC_0194-3 DSC_0233-2 DSC_0206-2

Dress: EZRA by Zalora – Necklace: ZARA – Jacket: Giordano/Ladies

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo – Bag: EZRA by Zalora

Photos by: Anna K

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