Centara Tropicana


You know you’re growing up a bit when you can spend 2 weeks traveling with your sister and not argue. It’s a serious accomplishment. I recently went on a holiday with Katie and we didn’t fight at all. The closest we got to an argument included some slightly heated bickering over whether or not a dessert we were eating included condensed milk in the ingredients. I think the conversation ended with the phrase, “You asked for my opinion and you got it. Now stop telling me I’m wrong!” It was then that I realized we really needed to change the subject.

Arguments or not, we spent a great week together at the Centara Tropicana on Koh Chang. At first, we were all kinds of excited that it was the off season and we pretty much had not only the entire resort, but the entire beach to ourselves. However, this excitement pretty quickly gained a new understanding when a torrential downpour began that lasted 3 days and didn’t even stop long enough to let me wear all my cute new holiday outfits.

Regardless of the weather, we had a greatly time. We definitely have the Centara to thank for allowing us to enjoy what appeared to be a tropical typhoon. Our room was wonderful, we had a covered front porch in which we could read for hours, or watch as the small creek that passed in front of our bungalow turned into a rushing river. The pool also had roofed cabanas, even in the rain reading books next to the pool is enjoyable. The Centara also had some major discounts happening at the spa and let’s be honest, what’s better than a rainy day at the spa?

All in all, we had a wonderful holiday and a little rain wasn’t going to get us down. Add in the wonderful Centara Tropicana and the rainy aspect of our beach vacation was pretty much forgotten. DSC_0612-2 DSC_0644 DSC06252 (1)-2 DSC_0651 DSC06279-2 DSC_0671 DSC_0693 DSC_0701 SONY DSC DSC_0713 DSC06244-2


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