The Glass House

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To me, Pattaya is basically a running joke. If you tell me that’s where you’re headed, you can expect me to judge you. Although it has already been a few years since I first went there, I still remember crying as I first lay eyes on the legendary walking street. If you’ve ever been to Pattaya, you will know why I was upset. No, it wasn’t the garbage, but that’s pretty upsetting too.

Yet when it comes to Pattaya, I keep on going back. It’s close and it’s easy to get too. For a weekend away from Bangkok, it’s one of the most convenient destinations. For this reason, I have put in some effort to find those few pleasant spots for spending time in Pattaya.

To begin, my all time favorite is the Hilton. Once you step through the doors, you instantly forget that you may be in the prostitution capital of the continent. Plus, the pool is amazing. I plan on making a post about this hotel soon, but the Hilton isn’t what I’m talking about today.

Instead, I would like to introduce you to a beach restaurant called The Glass House. Located just outside the city (taxi ride required), you will find a place that is so “un” Pattaya. There is no garbage on the beach, lady bars or loud music. The Glass House is right on the water, surrounded by tall trees filled with twinkling lights that come on as the sun goes down.

I prefer to arrive mid afternoon and get one of the lounge tables right out front by the ocean. Here you will find cushioned benches to lay on and servers to bring you whatever you feel like (I have a weakness for the frozen daiquiri). You can lay out a towel and run down to swim in the water, which is about as clean as it gets near Pattaya.

This is where I like to spend my weekends away. The simple white wooden furniture creates a calming and tasteful atmosphere for relaxation. The seafood is great and the deserts are addicting. I generally stay until long after the sun has gone down, it’s always hard to leave such a special place.

The Glass House is the perfect place to waste the day away. You can trust me when I say, this won’t feel at all like Pattaya.

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Hat: Panamanian Market – Top: H&M – Shorts: Zara – Glasses: D&G – Lace Dress (Katie): Boutique


  1. Oh girl! I saw the pictures and realised – yep, she is going to write about Pattaya. And for a quarter of a second I judged you to be the kind of girl I met in Thailand, who thinks “oh Pattaya is great, it is so much fun in there, great people as well”. And Im very happy I was wrong :). I had to live in that Disneyland for pedofiles for some time. And there is nothing it the world which will make me go back even for a minute. Im happy Im not alone with my opinion!

    Great article!

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