Champagne on Sunday

DSC_03802My perfect morning involves a cute outfit, good friends and a cup of coffee. Preferably, the coffee will be consumed at some sort of a cool cafe. With these photos, the irony of the situation is that they were taken at the “(un)fashion cafe” in Ekamai and there I was wearing heels at noon. Oh well, bloggers will be bloggers and I am finally past the point of any sort of shame. 

Either way, relaxing over a cup of coffee is an important morning ritual for me. This ritual gets pushed to the extreme on Sundays, when I wake up and search my closet for the perfect outfit. After all, I need to make up for a week of boring school uniforms. To celebrate a morning of fashion freedom, coffee shops are typically exchanged for buffets where a champagne brunch unfolds. Because let’s be honest, I’m probably wearing lipgloss and what is currently my favorite jacket, so I might as well live it up right? Brunch at the Oriental? Yes please. Now THAT is my definition of a Sunday.

Before I go, I would like to point out the amazing heels I’m wearing in this post. They’re the latest addition to my Jeffrey Campbell collection from Villains SF, the ultimate store for starting a statement shoe collection of your very own.DSC_03912 DSC_04702 DSC_04652 DSC_04202 DSC_03972 DSC_04512 2DSC_0393

Photos by: Kate Balk

Dress: Zara – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Villains SF – Jacket: Zara

Watch: TW Steel – Bracelets: Pandora & Zara – Bag: Elizabeth & James



  1. OMG you are just amazing those shoes are the best ever and your bag..well lets just say I am dying of envy! Brunch at the oriental soon 😉 Maybe we need to do our collab there, from barre to the oriental!

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