Shasa Resort & Residences


The best part of Shasa Resort & Residences is that it leaves you absolutely disconnected from everything around you. This hotel is different from the typical beach resort, in the sense that there is no distinct beach. Although this may initially appear unappealing, it actually poses some unexpected benefits. In fact, it creates an exceptionally original holiday experience.

To begin, Shasa Resort is enclosed by small, rocky headlands on either side of the resort. These structures encapsulate the hotel in it’s own little world, leaving the outside disconnected from the peace that can be found within.

I know it sounds cheesy, but this place is truly relaxing. Given the location of the hotel, there are no streets to generate noise and passersby on the beach to cause distractions. Instead, you are left with the ocean view, tranquil balconies and pools for lounging. I could probably stay forever. Or at least until I begin to miss my usual habits of people watching.

Although I don’t have a family and don’t plan on making one soon (don’t worry mom). I couldn’t help but notice the appeal of this resort for a family holiday. Given that the building was initially built as residences, each unit has several bedrooms, separate bathrooms, full kitchens and seating areas. These large spaces provide plenty of room for families with many children. Then, add in the various pools that are available and kids can be entertained for hours. Shasa Resort is what I would be looking for if I had a family. To all you Moms and Dads out there, you will like this. I promise.

All in all Shasa Resort & Residences is a family friendly resort where you can quiet your mind while keeping the kids happy. I would like to note that daycare is also available, which means an afternoon at the spa is easily achievable. Happy travels!

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