Pineapple Princess


There’s no better way to start summer break than with a pineapple sundress and an infinity pool. Then add in my cool friend Kate who convinces me to mix the two together and you’ve got yourself some super sweet photos. Voila! Le Dead Pineapple Princess.

10540534_10152513936810700_275063238_n10563413_10152514074265700_940876229_n 10565122_10152513937150700_3904693666386537522_nDress: TopShop – Bikini: H&M

Photos by Kate Balk


  1. Hello! I live your blog!
    I used to live in koh samui for 5 years but had to move back to Australia for school. I really want to go to uni in Bangkok next year but I am worried about getting work there so I can support myself, can I ask what you do for work in Bangkok or is it east for ‘farang’ to get work there?

    Thanks xx

    1. Hey Jess,

      So glad you like it! It’s always a nice feeling to receive good Feedback. In Bangkok I’m actually a full time student so I don’t have much time for work. However, if you’re interested in teaching I think it’s VERY easy to find a job here. Good luck!

    1. Yay! Tea time. Glad I could share some with you. I would love to lend you this dress. I’ll bring it to you sometime, I’m just worried you’re much smaller than me. Worth a try though! See you Tuesday for bootycamp. Yay! Love xoxo

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