Happy Mornings With Luxola

70edited Are you lazy? I’m pretty lazy. Especially when it comes early morning classes. Although I do love putting on makeup and choosing cute outfits, that love really only applies to after 10 am. Anything before that, I’m basically a write-off. 8 am class? I’m lucky if I am awake enough to bring the correct textbooks, let alone brush my hair.

With that being said, I have been working on a bit of a beauty routine that allows me to wake up in the morning and go, with as little effort as possible. Frankly, I have decided that it’s about time I quit showing up to school with a greasy face, pillow marks and bed head.

Therefore, with the help of Luxola, I have derived a few simple steps that can make Beyonce’s “I woke up like this” a totally legitimate statement. So here it goes:

Skincare: Ultimately, the base of any good beauty routine is skincare. Unless you’re somehow blessed with perfect skin, a good care routine is completely necessary. Even if you’ve had a few cocktails and your bed is looking far too comfy, you still need to wash your face. Invest in a good 3-step skincare routine with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer and I use it religiously. It helps. Trust me. But we all know that, don’t we? So let’s move on.

A few weeks ago I began using a product from Luxola called Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I gotta say, it really is gold. I have a  skin type that is very oily and also very dry. I’m talking combination skin x 100. Therefore, finding a product that doesn’t simply irritate my difficult skin type is rare. So the fact that Alpha-H Liquid Gold didn’t have any negative effect on my skin to begin with was a win. To top it off, it helped it. Now I’m definitely winning.

With that being said, I was somewhat skeptical about Alpha-H Liquid Gold given that my skin type is very hard to treat. This product comes in the form of a liquid toner that is applied with a cotton pad to a clean face every second evening. I followed the instructions for an “intensive treatment” by not using a moisturizer on the nights I applied the Alpha-H. After 3 treatments (6 days), I was pleasantly surprised.

My skin wasn’t dried out and it wasn’t breaking out. Instead, from using the product, the oil levels seemed to have balanced out and my dry skin reduced. Ultimately, my skin surface was smoother and more even. Alpha-H appeared to have cleared out my pores and removed blackheads in a way that didn’t irritate my face. The overall feel and appearance of my complexion was more balanced, pores were diminished and redness gone. Foundation? Forget it.

With Alpha-H Liquid Gold added to my beauty routine, my mornings just got a whole lot easier. I have learned that with a decent product, a good complexion is not only possible, it’s easy. You can leave your foundation in the drawer for a day when your alarm isn’t set for 6:50 am. Yes, you woke up like this.

Haircare: When it comes to hair, it’s dead. I know, that’s a weird way to think about it. But it’s true. Once your hair is ruined, there’s no fixing it. It isn’t replaced with new cells like your skin, you simply have to wait for it to grow out. For this reason, taking care of your hair is important. Being careful not to damage your hair in the first place is the best way to keep it looking healthy. Having said that, it’s often the things we think about the least that are the most damaging.

To begin, let’s talk about hair elastics. It just so happens that these little guys are extremely damaging. Not only to they pull on your hair at the root, but they cause breakages at the point where the elastic is tightened. There’s no going back from broken hair. Therefore, using clips when necessary is a good option. If you’re a big fan of the pony tail, try adjusting the height of your elastic each day so that it isn’t always putting pressure on the same point of your hair.

Next, lets talk about brushing. Although brushing is necessary, it can also cause a lot of breakage. If you’re one of those people who just pulls a brush straight through your hair, you should probably be a bit more careful. I’ve you’ve got tangles, a brush is probably going to break a few hairs.

With that in mind, I would like to tell you about the Tangle Teezer. This brush is kind of revolutionary. With it’s changed shape and large volume of short and dense bristles, it glides through your hair with ease. To top it off, you get a nice head massage while you’re at it. The way this brush untangles is so gentle that breakage is reduced drastically. If you start brushing with a Tangle Teezer, it won’t be long before your hair is less broken and much more smooth. To top it off, Luxola has a super cute black and gold one that I just kind of need.

Eyelashes/Eyebrows: There’s nothing like some Cara Delevingne eyebrows to make a statement. Unfortunately we aren’t all so lucky. Therefore, if you’re feeling super fancy, I’d suggest sneaking in a little eyebrow pencil if you’re up for it. Although drawing on eyebrows is a little scary at first, after a few weeks it will become so easy you won’t know why you never did it. Trust me, I used to suck. Now I’m not half bad!

For the lashes, tinting is key. If you’re lucky and you live in Thailand, you might as well make use of the extremely cheap aesthetic clinics because you will never find them at this price again. Go get your eyelashes tinted, it only costs around 100 baht. Mascara, bye bye!

All in all, with an Alpha-H improved skin complexion, healthier looking hair from a Tangle Teaser, a little eyebrow pencil and some tinted lashes, morning time just became a happy time. Wake up, sip your coffee, don’t forget to brush your teeth and then head out the door. Voila, you’re flawless (said in that echoey Beyonce way).

As an added bonus, you can receive an additional 30% off when shopping at http://www.luxola.com up until August 31st. Simply enter the code ‘ELISEFORLUXOLA’ at checkout to apply the discount. Happy shopping!

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Photos by Violetta Egorova


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