Too Cool For School


I have a confession to make: I am a 23 (as of last week) year old University student who has to wear a school uniform everyday. I know, it’s embarrassing. To some of you have never experienced such a thing at such an age, you probably find this a little weird. For those of us in Thailand, where this rule applies to the entire country, school uniforms are totally the norm. For me, as foreigner in Thailand, my feelings are at a confusing point somewhere in the middle. In fact, that’s how I’d describe most of my life’s feelings – confused.

Regardless, the uniform provides me with some seriously mixed emotions. To be fair, the only real reason that I like the uniform is because I don’t have to pick out an outfit at 7 am when I am barely awake enough to get a brush through my hair. Early morning class means the uniform is a win. Aside from that, I really struggle with it. For starters, we have no choice but to wear a skirt. As a woman, I am not allowed to wear any kind of trousers. Is that even legal in 2014?

Ok, before this post turns into some kind of an endless rant, I would simply like to say that the uniform is a bit of a problem for me. As an adult, an individual and someone who doesn’t deal well with authority, I don’t like being forced into the same clothing day in and day out.

That brings us to what this post is all about. Essentially, my friend Kiki and I are pushing the limits of the uniform. For Kiki, this simply comes naturally. As the inspiration behind this post, Kiki literally turns her uniform into an eloquent statement of fashion on a daily basis. No matter how early the class, she manages to accessorize in just the right way, making the fact that she’s wearing a uniform completely forgotten. Therefore, she is my uniform idol.

With all this in mind, I would like to say that I will not be held accountable for anyone being kicked out of class. Yes, the professors put limits on our uniform creativity and I suggest you work within them. But at the same time, I totally support you pushing those limits as far as they can go. While we’re at it, let’s make a club. If enough of us put up an anti-uniform fight, perhaps they will change the rules! However, I am definitely way too lazy to take on such an endeavor.

Either way, here are some of my favorite ways to the make the uniform just a little more fun:

1. Thigh high socks.

2. Blazers in all colors of the rainbow.

3. Oversized sweaters so big they cover the whole uniform (I use this one often).

4. Scarves if you’re feeling classy, bandanas if you’re feeling redneck.

5. All sorts of patent leather shoes because every outfit needs a little shine.

6. Basically as many pieces of jewelry as you can fit on your body. If a teacher comments, say they’re religious.

7. Big sunglasses. Teachers never say anything about them (Hangover?).

8. Backpacks because carrying a purse and holding your school books is so totally lame.

Before I leave you, I would like to give a shoutout to Kiki for being the vision behind this post. I would also like to thank another fellow student, Houda, for taking such great pictures.

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eIMG_9400 eIMG_9165 eIMG_9027 eIMG_9311 eIMG_9293 eIMG_9265 eIMG_9081 eIMG_9366 eIMG_9205 eIMG_9055 eIMG_8965

Blazer: Zara – Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo – Socks: H&M – Bracelets: Zara

Top: Zara – Skirt: Thai Market – Watch: TW Steel – Backpack: H&M

Photos by: Houda Azalia


  1. Great photography – love the pictures and I have to say, the uniform isn’t as bad as I was expecting.. it looks a lot nicer than the itchy cheap jumpers and shiny trousers I was forced to wear at high school in the UK. All the same, I know what you mean about feeling weird in a uniform, I guess it’s like it takes your identity as an individual away.. but good for you girls for taking it back through your accessories!

    1. Thanks, It’s good to hear you like the photos. My friend, Houda, did an amazing job! Haha, yes, the uniform isn’t so bad. It could definitely be a lot worse. But yes, I miss the freedom to be who I am. Especially given that fashion is pretty much my main interest. Anyways, hope you have a great day! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. In which uni do you study? Coz I’m at BUIC and we don’t need to wear uniform anymore. Only in exams and rarely for presentations. Might be different with government and private universities 🙂 Plus we are “creative university” so we can wear anything!

    1. I study at MUIC. The international college at Mahidol. Yes, I’m aware that BUIC doesn’t have to wear a uniform. However, Bangkok University does, is that correct? I think that the freedom to wear what you want at BUIC has something to do with the beliefs of the people who run the school. You’re right, it is considered the “creative” one. It would be hard to be considered creative when everyone is forced to dress the same!

  3. I do have to say you both rock it! It would drive me mad but at least it makes you be creative when I was in school all I wore were jeans and plain jane tshirts because alas the 6 AM wake up call leaves no time to be a fashion feline. Amazing photos!

    1. Thanks, girl! Haha, yup, it drives me mad. But you’re right, it does make early mornings easier. I remember when I didn’t have a uniform I basically wore my workout gear to class haha. Looking forward to this weekend. See you soon. Have a good day!

      p.s. glad you like the photos! My friend, Houda, is very talented!

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