Holiday in the City


I said it once in Day and Night, and I’ll say it again: Bangkok is exhausting. The fact that it’s as hot as Mars doesn’t help much either. Regardless, weekend getaways are the thing that keeps me going. However, sometimes even a getaway can be tiring. For some reason, even a trip to the airport in this city can feel like a mission. I would go into detail about how many obstacles may arise between me and Suvarnabumi (airport), but I guess I can just leave that to your imagination. In Bangkok, we are used to the abnormal; last week I was walking to buy milk and saw a fully dressed monkey walking down the side walk as if it were a human. No owner in sight. It was an astounding moment; not because of the monkey, but because there was actually room to walk on the sidewalk. Life.

Either way, I have come up with a whole new rejuvenation concept – The Staycation. Ok, I know, I had absolutely nothing to do with generating the idea of vacationing in your hometown. It’s old news, right? However, old news can become new news when marketing things such as product improvements happen. In this case, the product improvement is more of a product innovation. Let me tell you why.

I recently had the opportunity to book a holiday with HotelQuickly. Yes, it’s an App for booking hotel rooms, but this is one like you’ve never seen before. The twist is that it’s used for spontaneous, last minute holiday planning. If you’re a procrastinator, it’s perfect. I know your mom tells you not to procrastinate, well here’s an opportunity to use that habit to your advantage; by booking last minute on HotelQuickly, you will get the cheapest rates e-v-e-r.

The reason I consider this app as innovative is because it changes the whole concept of vacation planning. In actuality, it encourages no planning. The idea of not having to organize your holiday is oddly alluring. Sometimes, hotel choosing can be seriously overwhelming, there are just too many options. However, HotelQuicly offers rooms at a variety of prices along with short explanations of the amenities. If you want to go really crazy loco, you can even shake the app and it chooses a room for you. If you’re easily entertained like me, you will enjoy when the app says “Shakey Shakey”. It’s these fun little one liners that mean I could literally navigate the app purely for giggles.

Essentially, HotelQuickly rooms are booked only on the day you are staying in that hotel (you can book more than one night at once). When opening the app, you simply type in the town, a list of hotels shows up, you pick a room and press buy. It’s yours. It’s a piece of cake. If you have problems with spontaneous spending, this can be either a blessing or a curse. In the case of HotelQuickly, it’s mostly just a blessing; rooms are cheap and they have a lowest price guarantee. What do the teenagers call it? Winning?

All in all, HotelQuickly creates a carefree and unbelievably simple way of going on a holiday. The innovation is that you don’t have to “plan” said holiday; with this app, you just “go”. Honestly, why plan when you don’t have to?

With all that being said, I’m going to bring us full circle to what I mentioned at the start – The Staycation. By using HotelQuickly, you can stay at home and go on a vacation whenever you feel like. I mean think about it. What if you PLAN a staycation, book a room, then get invited to a huge “rager”, pass out for 12 hours and barely even see the hotel you paid for. Instead, when Friday rolls around, you have nothing to do, you GO on a staycation by booking through HotelQuickly.

With this app, I’m just waiting for the day they incorporate last minute airplane rides as one of their options. That british boy who got drunk and ended up in a whole different country that we all couldn’t believe actually happened? Well, this scenario may become all to real when AirplaneQuickly is launched. But let’s be honest, last minute plane rides would be all kinds of fun.

Now, go check out the HotelQuickly app and pay attention to all the funny things it has to tell you. While you’re at it, by registering, you can get a 15USD credit added to your account using the promo code ‘ELISE’. The best part is, you don’t have to use it right right away; you can save it for the future. There are rooms as cheap as 15USD that will be waiting for your arrival.

IMG_7912 copy 60 57 59 IMG_7836 copy IMG_7947 copy 58

Top: Random lady at the beach – Shorts: Zara – Sunglasses: Celine

Bag: Divided by H&M – Bikini: H&M – Shoes: Zara

Photos by: Violetta Egorova


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