Staying Strong In Hong Kong


I recently went to Hong Kong and literally spent the entire time shopping. I was walking around like a fat kid in a candy shop. My unhealthy, yet oh-so-exhilarating love for clothing had finally found the perfect environment to flourish – Hong Kong. Danger.

Prior to arrival, I had been told countless times by friends that shopping in Hong Kong is incomparable to anywhere else. Also, that there is not tax. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Oh, and I only went to one shopping district.

My first afternoon in Hong Kong involved walking around and around buying absolutely nothing. This may sound contradictory given all I just said. However, I found myself facing the problem of making up my mind about what I was going to buy. I wanted everything. I was on a budget. It was all so perfect. I could only have a limited amount of it. How was I ever going to decide?

My solution to the problem at hand was Martinis. Lots of them. I retracted to the hotel bar where I sipped my martini and plagued both the bartender and my supportive friend, Nicky, about my indecision woes. Their solution, aligning perfectly with mine, was to drink 3 martinis and then go shopping again. They reminded me that I think too much, that shopping should be fun. They told me to go back to the mall, head in a Martini haze, and buy whatever it is that I like. Until I ran out of money.

This worked perfectly. Although I didn’t spend all my of my shopping budget during those tipsy martini hours, I did get several amazing items. It turned out that once I had broken through the initial barrier of overwhelmed anxiety induced by too many choices, I was finally able to make up my mind.

The following days, I managed to continue to shop with a relaxed mindset that was martini free. Yes, Hong Kong completely overwhelmed me with its shopping excellence. However, I can proudly say I overcame it. I managed to return from my trip with all sorts of amazing pieces that I can’t wait to share with you in upcoming outfit posts.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that sometimes I really do over analyze everything. Life would be much more simple if I just learned to relax a little over things that do not matter. Yet still, I’m horrible at it. I’d say it’s finally time I take a real lesson from Thailand and just “mai pen rai” it. This would definitely do me some good.

Another thing I would like to express is how grateful I am that my biggest “problems” of the month involve being unable to decide what to buy while shopping. I am truly grateful to be able to live such a comfortable life while so many others are struggling. I feel especially lucky to be able to share this life with so many wonderful people, family and friends alike. I love you all.

With that being said, enough of the soppy, get to Hong Kong and get shopping!

image-6fixed DSC_0220


  1. I need me some Hong-Kong shopping. AWESOME that you get to travel and shop, and I love that you included the paragraph about how grateful you are. Have an AMAZING time!

    1. Thank you! Wow, I bet they had a great experience there. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long. Hopefully I’ll get back there soon! Glad you enjoyed my post 🙂

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