Month: May 2014

Holiday in the City


I said it once in Day and Night, and I’ll say it again: Bangkok is exhausting. The fact that it’s as hot as Mars doesn’t help much either. Regardless, weekend getaways are the thing that keeps me going. However, sometimes even a getaway can be tiring. For some reason, even a trip to the airport in this city can feel like a mission. I would go into detail about how many obstacles may arise between me and Suvarnabumi (airport), but I guess I can just leave that to your imagination. In Bangkok, we are used to the abnormal; last week I was walking to buy milk and saw a fully dressed monkey walking down the side walk as if it were a human. No owner in sight. It was an astounding moment; not because of the monkey, but because there was actually room to walk on the sidewalk. Life.

Second Star to the Right


If you’re looking for somewhere you can rock your Star Trek costume and not look out of place, look no further than the new Central Embassy. The place is unsurmountably spaceship-ey. Literally. Stepping off the skywalk from Central Chitlom and stepping into Central Embassy is like stepping onto the Enterprise from the mini ship that took you there. Yes, I do know the name of all the Starfleet starship vessels.

Calming Kimono


To begin, I would like to say that I don’t normally make a point of applying lipgloss while at the pool. In the case of these photos, I was merely looking for a way to occupy myself and thus appear a little less awkward. Mission failed. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Taste of Thailand

DSC_0324 copy

When I’m not obsessing over what I’m going to wear, I’m either complaining about school or shoving my face full of food. I know you’re all aware of my interest in fashion and no one wants to hear me complain about school. Therefore, I have decided to talk about my other interest. Food. Lots and lots of food.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thought that pops into my head usually involves what I’m going to eat. Typically, getting up is much easier when I have something good for breakfast. That also works if I have something new to wear. Long story short, I live for clothes and food.

My Day As a Dragqueen


Have you ever wondered how to prepare yourself for dressing up as a dragqueen? No? Ok, whatever. I’ll admit that I hadn’t either, up until the other day. However, as the moment approached for my official transformation, I began to get a little stressed out. To calm myself, I asked Pan Pan if he needed me to do/bring anything. After all, preparation always makes things easier, right? In response I got, “Bi**h, shave your armpits, legs and face”.

……But I don’t need to shave my face? I was way out of my league.

Staying Strong In Hong Kong


I recently went to Hong Kong and literally spent the entire time shopping. I was walking around like a fat kid in a candy shop. My unhealthy, yet oh-so-exhilarating love for clothing had finally found the perfect environment to flourish – Hong Kong. Danger.

Prior to arrival, I had been told countless times by friends that shopping in Hong Kong is incomparable to anywhere else. Also, that there is not tax. However, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. Oh, and I only went to one shopping district.

City Lives Stories

10287289_620825561343532_2017265657_nI’m not going to lie, I was a little bit afraid of this meeting at the Rooftop Gallery to see and experience the exhibit City Lives Stories by Porporrina. Don’t get me wrong, Khun Por is the sweetest girl on the planet, it’s the talking about art that intimidates me. I have no idea what to say and sounding “cultured” is so not my strong point. An intelligent remark about a piece of art may evolve around form, line and negative space. In the end, I would say something like, “that looks totally cool, dude”. Therefore, you can probably imagine the relief I felt when the only artistic analysis required by Por consisted of “I spy with my little eye” for some small ducks in one of the houses. I’d suggest you play it too.

With that being said, her exhibit taught me a lot, in ways that didn’t involve any daunting art talk. Relief. In fact, not only was chatting with Por a comfortable experience, but it overcame that to include an air of both contentment and wellbeing. Now don’t go thinking of it as some religious sanctuary, it wasn’t that way at all. Instead, try thinking of it as Pors’ sanctuary; a place where she can be completely herself and pour her heart onto a series of beautiful canvases that we all get to come and play “I Spy” on. I can’t believe I was the nervous one.