Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

DSC_0056I really like wine. If it were up to me, people would be able to survive off the stuff. Why didn’t they give me the power? If I had a choice, all my afternoons would be spent drinking a glass of wine and surrounded by good friends. Maybe I should make a wine blog! It’s genius. However, that would probably mean increasing my health insurance substantially, not to mention Thailand has a total of maybe 5 vineyards. Details, ugh.

Either way, I recently had the pleasure of spending a day at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard (and yes I did say pleasure, anything with wine is pleasure). I was very excited because they produce my favorite Thai made wine. Some people dislike it because it’s a dessert wine, but I love anything sweet. It’s called the Monsoon Valley Muscat and is a part of their flagship range. At the vineyard, I later learned that it’s their most award winning wine! To all those who have previously bashed my taste in wine, I win. I also took a selfie that consisted of my face alongside some Muscat grapes still on the vine. Sad to say, it didn’t make the blog.

Anyways, enough about the wine. The main part of my experience at Hua Hin Hills that I want to share was the beauty of the region. I literally felt like I had stepped into King Kong the movie. Sitting on the balcony, drinking Muscat, looking out over the rolling hills filled with dense jungle – I was just waiting for the giant Gorilla to pop up.

It was an extremely memorable vineyard experience for me mostly because it was so foreign to what I’m used to. Random palm trees surrounding the grape vines and big tropical birds in the sky. It makes an entirely different wine type setting that is equally as beautiful in its own unique way.

It wasn’t until I got to Hua Hin Hills that I realized just how closed minded and snobby my outlook of wine production and consumption was. It’s hard to explain, but I saw wine as something that had to be produced a certain way (think somewhere along the lines of Napa Valley) and then consumed a certain way (when I’m not eating Som Tum/Pad Thai). But who made those rules anyways? At Hua Hin Hills vineyard, I just had a completely “junglefied” wine production and consumption experience and it was amazing in every way. It was beautiful, relaxing and above all, something new. Sometimes it’s good to make a change.

Once again, Thailand has taught me a lesson. Keep your mind open. If you don’t, you will probably miss something beautiful. If you ask my friend, I almost didn’t go to the vineyard that day because I didn’t think it was worth the drive. Wow, I’m an idiot. Go friends, go and ignore all the judgers, drink dessert wine.

DSC_0140 DSC_0117DSC_0116 DSC_0019 DSC_0059


Top: TopShop – Shorts: TopShop – Sandals: EZRA via Zalora

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