Pomelo Fashion


Lately, my shopping situation consists of the need to have e-v-e-r-y-thing. Just so we’re clear, I don’t think it’s because I have a problem. Instead, I would like to blame the fashion industry for making everything so amazing. It’s entirely their fault. Either way, I have an anxiety attack at least once a week because I can only last so long using my shampoo money to buy yet another pair of patent leather flats. But don’t worry Pomelo, I washed my hair for our visit.

With so much great fashion in the market, it makes it very hard for brands to compete. Consumers like me are overwhelmed with options and just can’t decide which way to turn. Therefore, in such a cluttered business environment, it’s often the small things that make one brand stand apart from the rest, virtually making the purchase decision for you. In the case of online brand Pomelo Fashion, they do just that.

When it comes to Pomelo, they stand alone by creating the most perfectly cool items of clothing and then they add in all these unexpected little surprises that leave you wanting more. It’s like some really good chocolate, you can’t just have a little bit.

For starters, not only does Pomelo have a real website, they have a great website. This isn’t a brand with a Facebook Page/Instagram Account, that’s linked to a Line account, where you then speak with someone who expects you to ATM transfer money (way too common here). I don’t know about you, but my brain can’t even process that last sentence let alone actually do it. Either way, purchasing through Pomelo is official, efficient and easy. Perfect.

Although that last paragraph may sound like a of a prerequisite, these next points most definitely are not.

If you purchase an item from Pomelo, you have 365 days to return it. If you procrastinate, this is where you need to shop.

I’m a sucker for cuteness, and Pomelo can be pretty cute. When I received my first delivery, I found my invoice inside a pink envelope that was sealed with one of those wax impression seals with their emblem on it. Upon visiting the headquarters, I later found out that someone literally sits there with a heater and wax and does it the old fashioned way. It isn’t even a sticker! There’s something supremely special about someone, in a business, sitting there and wax sealing my invoice in the year 2014. I know, it’s small, but it’s the little things right?

When you get your Pomelo clothing, the tags will make you smile. They start by saying “cut me if you love me”, in case you want to return something. Then there are directions for “how to wear” which consist of: “wear with confidence”, “turn a few heads” and “show us how you style it” (@pomelofashion). Yes, this is great marketing for them. However, it also allows consumers to get involved with the brand and really shows how much they care. After all, keeping consumers returning to you is cheaper than finding new ones.

Finally, this is what really got me hooked. Because Pomelo manufactures their clothing in Korea, one item that I ordered was going to be late. To inform me of this issue, instead of sending my package a few days later, or having their email service send me a prewritten message, they gave me a phone call. I later found out it was from one of the Pomelo founders himself. Faint. But seriously, Pomelo had gone completely out of their way to make sure that I was happy. They picked up the phone, in a time when people don’t even pick up the phone to call their boyfriends, and made a quick call. Obviously, I was ok with this. Phone calls from Pomelo founder? Can I request backorder?

With all this being said, you can probably imagine how excited I was when Tara Chanapai, Style Editor & Social Commerce Leader of Pomelo, invited me to visit the Pomelo HQ. It was really cool to see all the work that goes in behind the scenes to create the seamless online fashion purchasing system we all see at www.pomelo.com. The office was dreamy – high ceilings, big windows, mood board adorned walls and fashion in every corner. I am supremely jealous of all those who call that work.

This blouse with the bow is from Pomelo along with the lace trim skirt in my last post, Embracing The Dirty.

untitled-3-2 untitled-5-2 untitled-9-2 untitled-1-2 untitled-2-2 untitled-7-2 untitled-6-2 untitled-4-2Top: POMELO Fashion – Shorts: H&M – Shoes: Converse 

Bag: Divided by H&M – Bracelets: Pandora

Photos by: Ivana Kojic




  1. Um those shorts, talk about rock n roll chic! What a neat brand I cannot wait to order that skirt you posted in the last post, I swear I AM copying you but such a beautiful skirt how could I not! Lots of Love C

    1. haha I know, right? They’re definitely a statement! Copy all you want honey, that’s what the fashion blog is for – inspiration! Glad you like the skirt. Pomelo has all sorts of cute things. Happy Saturday, lady love! See you soon xoxo

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