Embracing the Dirty

untitled-21-2I have a love hate relationship with the dirtiness of the city. Partly, I hate it because it’s dirty. But then I love the dirt because it makes everything more interesting. When it comes to fashion, a little dirt can make people appear wonderfully out of place.

Although I’m not really one for being too inappropriately dressed in a given situation, I find it truly inspiring when other people do. For me, staying somewhat under the radar keeps me feeling comfortable. However, there is nothing I find more endearing than people who really don’t give a f*** and rock a pink tulle tutu at 1pm on the BTS. Hero.

Anyways, back to the dirt. The way I see it is that wearing anything with lace, in a setting that’s dirty, makes it that much cooler. For instance, I could have worn this red midi skirt to a shopping mall, but the lace details wouldn’t have had the same effect. Instead, wandering around the dusty sidewalks of Bangkok, amidst the car exhaust and random garbage, makes it all the more wonderful.

Although this outfit is far from daring, it still induced some mild discomfort given that I’m a blonde in Bangkok, let alone wearing little black booties mid afternoon on a weekday. However, it’s moments like that which give each day its charm.

Long story short, dirty streets make great fashion.

untitled-19-2 untitled-16-2fixed untitled-15-2 untitled-14-2 untitled-20-2 untitled-10-2 untitled-12-2 untitled-13-2 untitled-11-2 untitled-18-2

Skirt: Pomelo Fashion – Top: H&M – Blazer: Giordano/LADIES

Boots: H&M – Cluth: River Island

Photos by: Ivana Kojic


    1. Thanks lady!!! YOU were too freaking cute today during makeup class. Claire was a hero… I’m seriously so excited to wake up and put on my makeup. I’m also excited to wake up and see just how much my booty hurt from this mornings workout! 😛 What a day! Love it!

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