Confessions of an Uber Addict

10264386_10152216204017874_744767867_nThis week marked the Official Launch of Uber in Bangkok. Up until Wednesday, I hadn’t even realized that the past month of me informing my friends of Ubers’ “arrival” had actually just been in the form of a soft launch (oops). Either way, this week involved a lot of Uber.
There was the press conference, “A Night With Uber” launch party and various Uber car rides in between. Let’s count how many times I mention the name “Uber” in the next few paragraphs, because really, in this particular case, there is no viable word alternative.

If you need a quick intro to Uber, please check out my previous post Fashion Cars. You will realize pretty quickly that I love Uber, almost to the point I sound weird. This is part of the reason why attending the press conference was a somewhat relieving experience for me. Now before you get creeped out, let me explain why.

At the press conference I learned that during the soft launch in Bangkok, Uber had been adopted at a much faster rate than in previous Uber cities, including those in the USA, the UK and in Asia. Therefore, I’m not the only one in love, Bangkok ITSELF is in love and I’m just a small part of it! With that knowledge, I felt relieved knowing that I’m not alone in my obsession with Uber awesomeness.

It got to the point where I was beginning to feel like an addict, I couldn’t use any transportation service that wasn’t Uber. However, not only did I leave the press conference with a head full of fun Uber facts, but I left feeling assured that I was right to be so supportive of this company. It was like I had attended “Uberholics Anonymous” – perhaps I can be the founder.

However, I’m not sure my representation as an addictions councillor would go over well with my enjoyment of a good party, and trust me, Uber knows how to throw a party. The launch ended with a seriously epic event at the Ku De Ta rooftop. Social media was literally overflowing with updates as #BKKlovesUber evolved into a highly entertaining internet story that has been ingrained on the web as the night Uber officially arrived in Bangkok.

With that being said, I will leave you to enjoy your Songkran holiday. Don’t forget to use your app to call an #UberSPLASH truck and get silly with some water fun. More details can be found here. Enjoy!



Top: H&M – Skirt: MaxMara – Jacket: Zara – Jewelry: H&M

 Clutch: River Island via Zalora – Shoes: Zalora – Car: UBER 😛

Photos by: Molly Ferrill & Ivana Kojic


  1. Do you have any contact for this company? My BF would like to use them with his company, but he wants to call them and there is no number on their website :-/. Thank you!

    1. Hey! Sorry, I don’t have a phone number for them. I’d suggest contacting them through a private message on their Twitter account which is Uber_Bangkok. They are very efficient at replying to those messages 🙂 Good lucky!

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