Covered Is Key


I’m currently going through a phase of needing to be completely covered in clothing. I’m talking the least amount of visible flesh, the better. Unfortunately, this presents a bit of a problem given the current 40 degree temperatures.

As much as walking around completely adorned in Olsen twin hobo-esque drapery is what I really want to be doing, the climate doesn’t quite allow it. Instead, I have been opting for a variety of midi length skirts. It’s a pretty good compromise when the weather makes trousers supremely uncomfortable and the thought of showing my knees hurts my heart just a little bit.

I’m not sure where this conservative urge is coming from. Perhaps it’s my constant stubborn need to take the unconventional route. After all, the easy way is boring, isn’t it? So much for my Hot Season Survival Guide, I can’t even follow my own rules.

Either way, this skirt is cute and it once got me featured in Cheeze magazine (my closest moment to fame). Therefore, it clearly needed to be a part of A Piece Of Elise, right?

I hope you’re all surviving the hot season! Fingers crossed I’ll be done with school and poolside by Friday. Yipee! xo







Top: ZARA – Skirt: ZARA – Bag: TILLEY (Best bag EVER)


Photos by: Violetta Egorova

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