All I want to do is wear a Kaftan.

I wish I could look through the webcam right now to see how many people are shaking their head. After all, who do I think I am? A relative of Roberto Cavalli?

I know, the Kaftan doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s generally left waiting in the store for that perfectly fake looking milf to swoop by and pick it off the rack. She needs it for her yacht weekend in St. Bart’s with all her girlfriends – of course.

But with exam week approaching, a weekend away is looking ever more appealing. I’m finding it supremely difficult to focus on branding strategies when I have imagines of Kaftans floating in my head. All I want is to be lounging by the pool in my new favorite beachwear.

Therefore, I would like to share with you a series of Kaftans that are totally student appropriate. That’s right, you don’t need to be sipping on Dom, adorned in Piaget jewels or wearing a wide brim sunhat. All you need are some cute flip flops, big sunnies and maybe a Panama hat when you’re feeling super fly.

The key to wearing a Kaftan with casual class is the fabric. The material must be light so that it doesn’t drape heavily over your body. Instead, it should hang gently as good beachwear should. If your Kaftan is made of jersey, you may want to save it for your future brunch plans on the Cavalli yacht.

These particular Kaftans are my all time favorite – the signature Missoni knit. I’m not going to elaborate because it would mean an entire new post. But here are a variety of perfectly casual Missoni Kaftans. I melt over the Missoni zigzag quite regularly.

I have exactly 9 days until I will wear nothing but a Kaftan. (And a bathing suit underneath, duh)

How many times in 5 minutes can I say Kaftan?





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