’Cause it’s hot as hell

The further we get into March, the closer we get to April and that means it’s hot season. I don’t know about you, but I grew up in the arctic (Canada) which means my biology isn’t conducive to this sun blasting. If you are like me, a cold weather creature, instead of resorting to alcohol abuse or running back to your motherland, how about trying this hot weather survival guide.


1. Limited Makeup – I know, you want to look good. But there’s nothing like some serious brow sweat to ruin the perfect cat-eye.  Unless you have found a magical way to go about your day without ever leaving the aircon; It’s best to keep makeup to a minimum. I’d suggest the Bare Minerals matte mineral powder and some water proof mascara.

2. Wear Loose Clothing – A sweat stained back is the perfect way to ensure the hottie on the sky train doesn’t ask for your number. If you want to avoid those awkward situations, leave your Kardashian inspired bodycon dress at home. Besides, if Kim wore it then you should NOT be wearing it – trust me. How about trying this Stone Cold Fox shift dress instead?

3. Strappy Sandals – I’m not going to talk about my sweaty feet. Besides, we all need an excuse to splurge on the Isabel Marant carol studded sandals.

4. Sunglasses – If they’re big enough you can forget makeup altogether. Plus, a good pair of sunnies can kill two birds with one stone: crucial retina protection and instant Victoria Beckham sophistication. Look no further than the Celine Audrey sunnies for the perfect April eyewear that you can continue to wear for seasons to come.

5. Carry an Umbrella – The umbrella is a completely acceptable shade accessory. Note: That beyond cute clear plastic umbrella you love should NOT be used when the sun is out. Instead, opt for this piece of Missoni shade perfection.

6. Keep Hydrated – Because getting heat stroke and winding up in hospital robes is never pretty, no matter how hard you try. This coral colored water bottle from Adidas will help keep you hydrated and may even imply to the public that you work out sometimes.

7. Cooling Powder – Because your Thai Grandma didn’t cover you in it as a kid for nothing…

If you follow these steps correctly you may make it the nearest Starbucks for your morning latte without looking like hell. But then again, when it’s hot as hell anything can happen…

Good luck, xo

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